The Traces of Modernism

The Traces of Modernism

We are preparing for you a cultural trail that will take you to places connected with the lives of some of the greatest luminaries of the European cultural scene of the 1 st half of the 20 th century. The trail will have four stops in Brno: the Jurkovič House which the architect built for himself, the Leoš Janáček Memorial in the house next to the Organ School, the UNESCO-listed Tugendhat House designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and inside the permanent exhibition of the Museum of Applied Arts in Brno you will encounter works by Josef Hoffmann and the Wiener Werkstätte. Hoffmann will also lead you to Brtnice, where his birthplace hosts a permanent exhibition of his work. Not far away, in Jihlava, you can visit the Gustav Mahler House and in Ivančice near Brno you will find a permanent exhibition dedicated to Alphonse Mucha who was born there.


The Austrian Museum of Applied Arts/Contemporary Art (MAK) and the Moravian Gallery in Brno (MG) have been jointly running the Josef Hoffmann Museum in Brtnice/CZ (MJH), where the exhibition spaces are shared by both institutions. The famous Czech-born architect and citizen of Austria had the house where he was born remodelled to his own design in the style of Viennese modernism. A new phenomenon in cultural travel involves visiting houses associated with prominent figures who lived or worked there. These places are becoming quite popular due to their intimate atmosphere and direct impact on visitors.
The aim of the project, which is entitled The Traces of Modernism - the international cultural and museum learning trail in the footsteps of the architectural heritage of South Moravia and North-east Austria from the first half of the 20th century, which is financed by the EU programme of European Regional Collaboration Austria Czech Republic 2007-2013, is to get out an international cultural trail between Brno and Vienna, which will also include the Josef Hoffmann Museum in Brtnice, the Dušan Jurkovič House in Brno and other important museums.
The programme will also comprise exhibitions, lectures, cultural and educational events and is to develop an application for mobile phones with information on the individual houses on the cultural trail.
The project is being developed in collaboration with the Austrian Museum of Applied Arts/Contemporary Art (MAK Wien), the Europaforum Wien and the Tourist authority South Moravia.

Link to the official web page of the project which brings together the Czech and Austrian pages.