Exhibition MUNI 100

Presenting the history and present of Masaryk University in an unusual way is an exhibition from 17 May until 30 September 2019, commemorating the centennial of the second Czech university. You are hereby cordially invited to the grand opening of the exhibition on Thursday, 16 May at 6:00 p.m. The exhibition introduces the university as an institution which influences the society in many ways and, at the same time, reflects its development.

In preparing the exhibition, Masarykova univerzita teamed up with Moravská galerie v Brně (Moravian Gallery). The result is an unusual installation combining the artistic expression of the gallery with the scientific and professional approach of the university. It is not a strictly fact-based exhibition but rather an original peek into the school's atmosphere.

The unifying element of the exhibition is a library where, in the course of the exhibition, names of theses of the university's alumni will be added. The exhibition walks visitors through the history of the school, presents the rector's and deans' insignia and explains the relation between the school and art, teaching and science. And finally it introduces the present-day personalities of the university in the form of changing letters "MUNI", a new logo of the university.


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17/5/2019 - 30/9/2019
Ondřej Dostál, Ondřej Chrobák, Jan Press
Graphic design
Lukáš Kijonka
Tomáš Svoboda
Entrance fee
80 / 40 / 150 Kč (základní / snížené a pro absolventy MUNI/ rodinné); 120 Kč kombinované vstupné spolu s výstavou Boudník
Governor’s Palace
Date of exhibition opening
16/5/2019 18:00