The Universe is Black (O kosmos hino kalo)

An art project by Ladislava Gažiová presents a chronological story of Romani art built around items from the collection of the Museum of Romani Culture in Brno. It liberates the visual material from the timelessness which it has been traditionally associated with when being too often stereotypically identified with the label of outsider art or Art Brut. Quite on the contrary, it emphasizes the formal and stylistic moments of the works of art with affiliation to the "general" art history and highlights their relations with particular social-emancipation phenomena in the history of the Romani people. Historical time, formal metamorphoses and committed content together form the three vectors which in the interpretation of Ladislava Gažiová break up the monolith of the pastoral view of Romani art.

The exhibition incorporates the results of an art symposium which the author organised in September this year.

The project is the outcome of collaboration between the Moravian Gallery and the Museum of Romani Culture.

Project is supported by

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3/11/2017 - 28/1/2018
Natálie Drtinová, Ladislava Gažiová, Ondřej Chrobák
Entrance fee
80 / 40 / 150 CZK (regular / reduced / family) to the whole building
Governor’s Palace
Opening hours
Wed - Sun 10 am - 6 pm, Thu 10 am - 7 pm
Date of exhibition opening
2/11/2017 18:00


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