Džadoň House, Jana Nečase 2

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The exhibition was realized thanks to financial support provided by the European Regional Development Fund and  by the state budget of the Czech Republic, within the Bilateral Networks of Design project.   


The Jurkovič House has undergone a formidable reconstruction which aimed at restoring it to its condition at the time when the architect and his family lived there. A building which was once home to its inhabitants has been turned into a museum.

No longer fulfilling a residential function, it attempts to relive a particular period from its existence, highlighting its architectural design. A visitor can only imagine what living in such a house would entail. But what would happen if new inhabitants did move into the house? Given the architectural, historical and heritage value of the house, it should be somebody attuned to the building, an admirer of the work of Dušan Jurkovič who would feel close to the folk tradition.

Tomáš Džadoň perfectly meets all of the above criteria. In his conceptually conceived works he has often set the strong identity inherent in Slovakia's folk architecture against the building panel structures of his birthplace. In the spaces of the Jurkovič House Tomáš Džadoň will display his earlier, lesser known works - paintings, prints, sculptures, objects and videos, in which he encapsulates his nostalgia for the forms and expressions of folk tradition or the paradoxes of living in a hi-tech society which is nevertheless steeped in its past and its traditions. Some of the works will be on show as interventions in the permanent exhibition or the living hall, while the rest will appear in spaces dedicated to seasonal exhibitions in combination with furniture and other furnishings by Dušan Jurkovič from the collections of the Moravian Gallery. The occupation of the house and the imagined presence of the new inhabitants will also be visible in the garden where three objects will be installed.

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28/4/2017 - 31/3/2018
Rostislav Koryčánek
Graphic design
Lukáš Kijonka
Entrance fee
100 / 50 / 190 CZK (basic / reduced / family) to the whole building
Jurkovič House
Opening hours
Tue-Sun 10-12 am a 12.30-6 pm
Date of exhibition opening
27/4/2017 16:00