Current exhibitions

15/11/2018 - 31/1/2019

The Most Beautiful Czech Books 2017

The Most Beautiful Czech Books 2017 exhibition in the Moravian Gallery Library presents books awarded in the 53rd year of this competition...

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9/11/2018 - 25/11/2018

International show of student work - the Price of Professor Jindřích Halabala

This year's 14th annual competition "the Price of prof. Jindřich Halabala 2018" will take place in the Governor's palace in Brno in the period...

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2/11/2018 - 13/1/2019

Jiří Kuhnert – Sketch the Dream

When the Porsche 928 was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in 1977, few people in Czechoslovakia welcomed this innovative model executed by the...

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26/10/2018 - 24/2/2019

Josef Šíma: The Road to Le Grand Jeu

The end of the Habsburg Monarchy and the rise of an independent Czechoslovak state played a key role in the establishing of international...

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14/9/2018 - 27/1/2019

Inez Tuschnerová

She studied at the Higher School of Arts in Brno, the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. While at the Internation Art Academny...

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14/9/2018 - 27/1/2019

Tomáš Hlavina: One and Many

Tomáš Hlavina (1966) graduated from the Prague Academy of Fine Arts in the Milan Knížák Studio. From the beginning he was a very distinctive,...

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27/4/2018 - 21/4/2019

Being Dušan Jurkovič

Each building designed by architects is exclusive in its own way. But in each of them we can find a hidden part of the personality of its author....

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