Modern Art

Venue: Pražák Palace (Husova 18, Brno)

Curators: Ondřej Chrobák, Petr Ingerle

Voluntary admission fee

Together with the new permanent exhibition ART IS HERE a newly reconstructed permanent exhibition of Modern Art is reopen on the second floor of the Pražák Palace focusing on the presentation of artists from Czech modernism and the inter-war-avant-garde (B. Kubišta, A. Procházka, J. Zrzavý, V. Špála, J. Čapek, J. Šíma, J. Štyrský, Toyen etc.). 

Compared to the previous hanging, the new exhibits on display will be extended by a presentation of artists connected with the Brno chapter of the Devětsil artists' association or a sculpture island created by Maxim Velčovský showing unusual spatial exhibits from the collections of the Moravian Gallery.

"I perceive art-collecting state institutions which are into presenting non-comissioned and commissioned art as information warehouses with the information acquired by curators in the context of a particular place and time. I do not see my installation as a traditional "best of" show, but rather as an intervention in this warehouse full of various opinions, ideas and format approaches. In concrete works of art finished at the time of their origin, but also in new interpretations which may surface as a result of the situation in which they emerge or in which they are exhibited today." says Maxim Velčovský.