Restaurátorské oddělení

Research activities of the MG Restoration Department

The research activities of the MG Restoration Department are primarily focused on the research and protection of collections, especially in the field of application and identification of materials, arts and crafts techniques, the protection of cultural heritage, and the influence of the environment on the preservation of artistic monuments. 

MG Restoration Department provides consultations to institutions, professional and lay public on the issue of preventative preservation of collections, conservatories and restoration technologies, assessment of the condition of objects, identification of used materials and determination of the origin of works of art. A number of specialized lectures were held for restorers and conservationists, conservation workers, art historians, collectors, fine arts artists and art school students.

Selected works are subject to a deeper restoration survey in the framework of the institutional grant research project and other projects. We apply a creative approach, respect for the original and the principle of interdisciplinary cooperation, e.g. with Masaryk University in Brno, the Brno Technical University, the National Monument Institute, the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, the National Gallery in Prague and the Higher School of Chemical Technology Prague. Interesting questions about the non-destructive analysis of the material of artworks have been dealt with by specialists from major foreign institutions (National Institute of Applied Optics in Florence, University of Perugia, Getty Center in Los Angeles, Slovak National Gallery Bratislava, Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava,  Slovak Technical University Bratislava and others). The results of the expert reports are described in detail in the restoration reports, which are presented at expert conferences, seminars, and in the press, then subsequently archived and made available to scholars. 


"The art of restoration of art", the work of the Restoration Department of the MG 1996-2006, November 30, 2006 - March 18, 2007, UPM MG; MG restorers co-authored the exhibition, presenting the results of the professional work of the restoration department of MG, and bringing restoration to the lay and professional public as a process of protecting and saving works of art in a variety of interventions and different stages of the course of events.  Go to the show.

The international MOLAB project: internal restorers at the MG for the international project MOLAB for research of 19th century painting from MG collections by non-destructive microanalytical methods within the framework of the EU-ARTECH grant. The final report of EUAccess, Research and Technology for the Conservation of the European Cultural Heritage (MOLAB, INOA, ALMA, MG) was presented at the Louvre Conference (Paris, 2005). 


Grant Survey of Painting, Sculpture and Applied Art, 2005-2011


Baroque in Moravia, participation in the EU-Culture 2000 grant. Presentation of research results at Baroque Art, Generations - Interpretations - Confrontations (Bratislava, 2005). 

Selection of the 10 most significant achievements of the research and development team, with the author/co-author, and the year of application of the result:


1 / D - I. Fogaš, The Importance of Comparative Methods to Determine the Authorship of Paintings (Význam komparační metody pro určení autorství malířských děl), in: ACTA ARTIS ACADEMICA 2010, Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Prague 2010, ISBN 978-80-87108-14-7, pp. 63-88.

2 / D - I. Fogaš, Restoration Survey of Art Works (Restaurátorský průzkum výtvarných děl). In: 60. Bulletin of the Moravian Gallery in Brno, 2004, pp. 159-170. ISBN 80-7027-133-7. 

3 / J - D. Hradil, T. Grygar, J. Hradilová, P. Beningka, V. Grünwaldová-Šímová, I. Fogaš, C. Miliani, Microanalytical identification of Pb-Sb-Sn yellow pigment in historical European paintings and its differentiation from lead tin and Naples yellows. In: Journal of Cultural Heritage2007, No. 8, pp. 377-386. ISSN 1296-2074.

4 / D - D. Hradil, I. Fogaš, C. Miliani, C. Daffara, Non-Invasive Analytical Methods in the Survey of Paintings of the Vienna School of the 18th and 19th Centuries (Neinvazivní analytické metody při průzkumu obrazů vídeňské školy konce 18. a v 19. století). In: Technologia artis, 2006, pp. 20-28. ISSN 1211-3018. 

5 / D - D. Hradil, J. Hradilová, P. Beningka, I. Fogaš, V. Machovič, Neapolská žluta s obsahem cínu v 18.-19. century: technological specialty or forgotten pigment? (Neapolská žluť s obsahem cínu v 18.-19. století: technologická zvláštnost nebo zapomenutý pigment?) In: Proceedings of the Conference of Conservators and Restorers, Cheb 2006, pp. 85-87. ISBN 80-86413-35-7. 

6 / B - I. Fogaš, K. Svobodová (eds.) Et al. authors, The Art of Art Restoration (Umění restaurovat umění), catalog of exhibition, MG Brno 2006, 143 pp. ISBN 80-7027-159-0. Output IG.

7 / E - The Art of Art Restoration (Umění restaurovat umění), the work of the Restoration Department of the Moravian Gallery in Brno in 1996-2006, Moravian Gallery in Brno, 30. 11. 2006 - 18. 3. 2007 exhibition, the output IG (co-author K. Svobodová). 

8) B - I. Fogaš, K. Svobodová (eds.) Et al. authors, Umění restaurovat umění / The Art of Art Restoration, DVD-ROM, multimedia expanded version of the exhibition catalog, MG Brno 2007, 120 pp. ISBN 978-80-7027-001-1 (in Czech); 350 s. ISBN 978-80-7027-166-7 (in English). Output IG. 

9 / C - I. Fogaš, Angels without an altar. The Dramatic Fate of Three Statues by Ondřej Schweigl (Andělé bez oltáře. Dramatické osudy tří soch Ondřeje Schweigla). In: Baroque. Stories of Baroque Brno, Brno 2009, pp. 188-199.ISBN 978-80-86549-60-6. 

10 / D - L. Ptáček, P. Baláš, B. Klíma, I. Fogaš, Utilization of NDE Methods in Archaeology (Využití metod NDE v archeologii). In: Defectoscopy, Znojmo 2005, pp. 203-206.ISBN 80-214-3053-2.

Professional lectures and consultations at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, the Masaryk University in Brno, the Brno University of Technology, the University of Gdansk, the École de Condé Paris, and the Technical Museum Brno. 

1) Igor Fogaš, lecture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague: The Importance of Comparative Methods to Determine the Authorship of Paintings (Význam komparační metody pro určení autorství malířských děl), ALMA Interdisciplinary Conference, Art Story - Changes of Artwork in Time, 24-25.11. 2010, Prague, Břevnov Monastery. 

2) Lecture Restoration of flat art disciplines within the professional training cycle for specialists in the field of monument care of the Republic of Iraq - foreign students and teachers of the University of Pardubice - leading restaurateur MG, Husova 14 and 18, 21 November 2009. 

3) Lecture Face painting - research and restoration of paintings - research of painting techniques in historical and modern art works for the needs of restoration and art-historical evaluation (Tvář obrazu - průzkum a restaurování obrazů - výzkum techniky malby historických i moderních výtvarných děl pro potřeby restaurování a umělecko-historického hodnocení); Night in the Gallery - Part of the European Heritage Days - Monuments Time Measured, Moravian Gallery in Brno, 18. 9. 2009.


Restaurátorské oddělení