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About us


The Society of Friends of the Moravian Gallery in Brno offers its members the opportunity to participate in the artistic and cultural program of the Moravian Gallery. If you join the club, thanks to this membership:

(a) You can get acquainted with the collections of the Moravian Gallery, with the research work of the gallery staff, and you will be informed about the further direction of the gallery.

(b) Through financial support, you will participate in the enrichment of gallery collections, their preservation, and the quality of artistic and historical research, published publications, and work with the public.

(c) You will also support other publicly beneficial activities such as the acquisition of books for the public library, the organization of educational programs, concerts, lectures, etc.

(d) You can use some of the benefits offered as a reward for your support.


Types of member activities:


[for the gallery]

Collective patronage: The contributions we receive from our members or other funding from the association's activities are dedicated to specific works of art - their purchase, restoration and presentation.      

[in the gallery]

Curatorial stops: Curators form the basis of the work of each art-historical gallery. Members of the association can meet them at regular meetings and learn about the nature of the collections they manage.

[to the gallery]

For knowledge about art: Through these activities, members of the association can become acquainted with interesting guests, researchers and themes that "move" the contemporary world and the discipline of the history of art. MG's friends will not only know the background of their own galleries, but also the latest trends in European and world art history in all of its current cultural fields.

[beyond the gallery]

Traveling through exhibitions: Artworks from the Moravian Gallery collections also appear at exhibitions outside its own grounds. Members of the association can take a look at important exhibitions and other institutions both here and abroad, mostly under the exclusive accompaniment of exhibitors.

[about the gallery]

Information and editions: Members of the association are regularly informed about the activities and plans of the Moravian Gallery. At the same time, special editions and offers of art and craft works are prepared for members.