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Questions from members of the media may be directed to the Department of Communications at +420 532 169 174.

Logo may be downloaded, reproduced, and published by members of the press for the sole purpose of creating or supporting timely news stories related to the Moravian gallery and its exhibitions, programs, and events. Use of the press images or logo for any other purpose requires the additional prior permission of the Moravian gallery and may also require the additional prior permission of third-party rights holders. Obtaining these permissions is the sole responsibility of the press user. Press images and logo may not be downloaded, reproduced, or published by commercial stock houses or archives under any circumstances.

Press images and logo must be reproduced in their entirety, and must include the identifying information provided by the Guggenheim, including proprietary collection information, credit lines, copyright, and trademark notices, if any. Images may not be cropped, detailed, overprinted, or altered.

Moravian gallery logo can be downloaded here.