Entrance fee

We are preparing a new permanent exhibitions in Museum of Appiled Arts and Governor's Palace.

Free entry to permanent exhibitionsPražák Palace

Ticket prices for current exhibitions, see the information  current exhibitions.


BOUDNÍK and Exhibition MUNI 100 >>> visit 2 exhibitions only for 120 CZK. 


Jurkovič House  Admission including guided tour 100 CZK /50 CZK / family 190 CZK / group from 10 persons 75 CZK per person

Josef Hoffmann Museum

ADMISSION: ticket for the whole building including a guided tour Full 80 CZK, Concessions 40 CZK, Group 40 CZK, Family 150 CZK

Reduced admission:

V: entry for free
V journalists
V members of MG Friends society
V members of professional organizations such as the AMG or ICOM, Council of Galleries
V holders of the ZTP and the ZTP/P card have free admission together with any accompanying person
V kids less the age of 6
V students of art and art history and pedagogists of art of art history
V company of students group
V members of Czech association of art historians
V members of Union of Czech artists
V members of IAA (AIAP) The International Association of Art
V members of NPÚ (Národní památkový ústav)
V members of Union of Museums in Slovakia

S: half-price admission
S: members of KPVU
S: members of Youths in Czech republic (EURO26)
S: members of European Youth - EYCA
S: ISIC card holders
S: ITIC card holders
S: IYTC card holders
S: members of czech tourists club
S: holders of ticket from Student Agenccy (not older then 14 days)
S: card holders of Art &  Antiques     
S: card holder of a Graduate from Masaryk University
S: employers from NDB
S: card holder of ALLIANCE FRANCAISE    
S: card holder of FOTO magazine
S: card holder of IKEA FAMILY (every family member has half-price admission)
S: kids 6-18 years old
S: keepers of Senior card


- Family admission (F): for two adults and children 

- Group admission (G): from 10 persons upwards for selected exhibitions. One ticket for one person costs from 15 to 30 CZK. Contact us as a group in advance and we can open the exhibitions on Tuesday (when it's closed). Please contact us via e-mail edukace@moravska-galerie.cz  or on tepelhone number +420 532 169 177. There are also guided tours for groups in foreign lenguages in current and permanent exhibitions. One guided tour for one group id for 300 CZK. 


- School groups

A price of educational program is for 30 CZK / kid, pupil, student / 60 minutes.
A price of educational program in Jurkovičs house is for 50 CZK / kid, pupil, student / 60 minutes.
A price of educational program in Josef Hoffmann Museum is for 30 CZK / kid, pupil, student / 60 minutes.
For an guided tour for groups of pupils, students of any types of school please contact us on edukace@moravska-galerie.cz or 532 169 177.